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Combined Therapeutics to Present its Next-Generation mRNA-Based Vaccine Platform at the World Vaccine Congress 2023

BOSTON, March 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Combined Therapeutics Inc. (CTx), a privately held biotechnology company developing the next generation of mRNA therapeutics with a novel modified-mRNA platform to treat and prevent infectious diseases and cancer, today announced its participation in the upcoming World Vaccine Congress 2023, taking place in Washington, D.C., April 4-6, where it will present its cutting-edge mRNA-based vaccine technology MOPCTx in a poster presentation and oral communication.

"We are eagerly anticipating showcasing our MOPCTx platform at the World Vaccine Congress 2023 and sharing our latest findings with the world leaders in vaccine technology," said Lauren Speciner, Ph.D., Associate Director of Formulation and Process Development at Combined Therapeutics. "In animal studies, our platform has demonstrated a significant reduction in protein expression in several key organs after intramuscular administration while maintaining expression at the site of injection."

The MOPCTx platform, comprised of a modified mRNA encapsulated in a lipid nanoparticle, can code for a viral or bacterial antigen or a molecular adjuvant. The modifications enable targeted expression of these proteins in selected tissues, such as the site of injection. This leads to improved biodistribution over existing mRNA-based vaccine technologies while maintaining strong immunogenicity. Our platform reduces antigen protein expression ~90% or more in key vital organs such as the liver, kidneys, and heart while still maintaining expression at the site of injection.  Our SARS-CoV-2 MOPCTx vaccine shows strong immunogenicity and protection in hamsters from COVID-19 challenge. Moreover, Combined Therapeutics' approach involves co-administering IL-12 mRNA with an antigen to enhance the immune system response, also known as molecular adjuvantation.

World Vaccine Congress brings together leading experts and researchers in the field of vaccines to share the latest scientific advancements and trends in the development of new vaccines and therapies. Dr. Speciner, a distinguished researcher and expert in the field of mRNA-based vaccines, will be presenting the latest preclinical research findings and advancements of the MOPCTx platform, including lowering the vaccine dose needed for both monovalent and multivalent vaccines, strengthening and extending vaccine durability, improving efficacy animal models mimicking vulnerable populations, enhancing cell-mediated immunity, and restricting the expression of the cytokine to targeted tissues.

The affiliations in the oral communication include Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, underscoring the advantageous collaboration between academia and industry to advance innovative solutions for unmet medical needs.

"We are thrilled to unveil the results of our collaborative efforts, leveraging the exceptional research capabilities of Combined Therapeutics, alongside the expertise of Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School. With this partnership, we are confident in our ability to achieve remarkable progress in advancing novel mRNA solutions to the clinic," said Dr. David Dowling, faculty member at Harvard Medical School.

Oral Communication Details:

Presenter: Dr. David Dowling, Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Title:  Adjuvanted mRNA Vaccines Targeted to Vulnerable Populations

Vaccine technology workshop, Breakthrough vaccine technologies

Session Date and Time: April 3, 10 a.m. ET

Poster Presentation Details:

Presenter: Lauren Speciner, Combined Therapeutics

Title: MOPCTx: The next generation of mRNA-based vaccines to prevent infectious disease with improved biodistribution and long-lasting immunogenicity

Session Date and Time: April 4, 2 p.m. ET

About Combined Therapeutics 

Combined Therapeutics, making the world a better place. For all. 

Combined Therapeutics Inc. (CTx) is a privately held biotechnology company developing the next generation of high value mRNA vaccines to protect everyone including vulnerable populations from global infectious diseases as well as to treat cancer. The company's unique and proprietary mRNA platform with an increased safety profile, due to controlled biodistribution and high specificity, is built around Multi Organ Protective (MOPCTx) binding miRNA sequences combined with therapeutic mRNAs, allowing the targeting of therapeutic protein expression in specific tissues while reducing off target effects to protect key vital organs such as the heart, liver, and kidneys. The company's initial focus is on developing vaccines and vaccine adjuvants for infectious diseases and oncology indications with plans to initiate clinical development in 2024.

Combined Therapeutics is based in Boston and has international operations located in London and Paris. For more information, please visit the company's website at Follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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