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OncoRix's breast cancer integrative solution demonstrated enhanced efficacy when combined with chemotherapy in an ex-vivo model

The ex-vivo model is based on a unique technology developed at the Weizmann Institute, and it can predict oncological treatment success and personalize the right treatment for each patient

OncoRix's cancer solutions, developed by Cannabotech, will soon be available in California as medical cannabis with doctor's recommendation

The research was carried out under the supervision of Prof. Tamar Peretz, Senior Oncologist at the Hadassah Medical Center, director emerita of the Sharett Institute of Oncology and director emerita of the Breast Cancer Center at the Hadassah Medical Center; and Dr. Yitzhak Angel, a pharmacologist specializing in drug development

HERZLIYA, Israel, March 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Cannabotech (TASE: CNTC), a biotechnology company that developed OncoRix – an integrative oncology brand, based on Cannabis and functional mushroom extracts, published the results of its study using an ex-vivo model to test its anticancer efficacy on breast cancer tissues. As part of the study, the integrative products were also examined in combination with chemotherapy, including their effects on the tumor environment and immune response.

Results from the experiment on the patients' tissues confirmed Cannabotech's previous results in cells, demonstrating a critical milestone toward proving the products' efficacy in humans. Among the important findings, OncoRix products showed:

  • Synergistic activity in combination with common chemotherapy: increasing the anti-cancer effectiveness of low-concentration chemotherapy and a significantly higher anticancer efficacy in comparison with chemotherapy alone.
  • An impact of the treatment on immune system cells in the tumor environment, which may indicate the activation of the immune cells in the tissue.

These findings mean that it would be possible to achieve increased efficiency in killing breast cancer cells while reducing the required chemotherapy doses. This, in turn, should significantly reduce side effects and thus offer a cure to more patients, since today, dosage reduction is sometimes required due to the adverse effects of anticancer drugs.

It is estimated that a significant proportion of breast cancer patients already take medical Cannabis in parallel to medications, aiming at treating tumor process symptoms and oncological treatments' side effects. OncoRix offers these patients a solution that would mitigate side effects and holds real potential for enhancing anticancer therapy per se.

OncoRix's integrative oncology product series was based on extensive data in the literature, and its efficacy was tested in a number of different research models. The Cannabinoid products will be administered in the form of a soft gel, and the functional mushroom extracts in the form of caplets, where a unique delivery system technology has also been incorporated into each solution to improve treatment effectiveness. The products have been specifically adapted to be integrated into current oncological treatment protocols, in parallel with the conventional drugs, under the medical cannabis regulations.

The products are expected to go to market in California in the coming months, under the OncoRix brand. Of the first two solutions to be launched, one supports breast cancer patients and the other treats pain associated with tumor-related disease. Additional solutions for colon, pancreatic, lung and prostate cancers are to be launched subsequently. The solutions will be offered as part of a six-month program in which the oncology patient will take the integrative products alongside the conventional treatment. As part of the program, patients will also be accompanied by a personal oncology nurse and professional counsel from OncoRix's team of clinical experts.

In parallel to the products' commercial launch, OncoRix is expected to conduct a clinical-observational trial in California, where it will collect relevant patient data in order to further test the combined treatment in humans. OncoRix will use the collected findings in its marketing efforts to penetrate the oncology market in California, as well as in the construction of a personalization system that is currently under development.

In the current experiment, cancer tumors were taken only from patients with breast cancer expressing hormone receptors (luminal breast cancer), considered the most common breast cancer tumors. The combination was tested alongside the most common chemotherapy in the treatment protocol. It should be noted that OncoRix has previously shown a different efficacy in other subtypes of breast cancer.

At present OncoRix is racing to finish the production of its initial stock according to California's local regulations, forming a team to manage the project in California, and raising capital to ensure successful penetration of the local oncology market.

Cannabotech's CEO, Elchanan Shaked, said: "This is another significant milestone on Cannabotech's path to becoming a leader in the integrative oncology arena. OncoRix products are intended for use in combination with chemotherapy in several types of cancer and are expected to be launched in the coming months in California. The company aims at setting a new standard in the oncology industry."

Prof. Tamar Peretz, Senior Oncologist, said: "A significant percentage of cancer patients is currently being treated with Cannabis alongside the conventional treatment. The integrative products developed by Cannabotech are unique in being developed under standards similar to those in the pharmaceutical industry and combining several active agents. The company's integrative products have demonstrated impressive and promising results in cell cultures tested in the laboratory. Based on these experiments, there is room to start exploring the possibility of integrating the products in treating breast cancer patients as well."  

Dr. Yitzhak Angel, Cannabotech's pharmacological consultant, said: " The strong synergistic effect on breast cancer tissues demonstrated by the products among themselves, and in combination with chemotherapy, resulted in increased efficiency of killing cancer cells. The unique experimental system enables a functional study in a 3D cell system where treatment can be personalized, bringing us closer to the patients. We are greatly encouraged by these results, which constitute another important milestone in proving the scientific feasibility of the products. We shall continue working to provide patients with a cure."

About Cannabotech:

Cannabotech is an Israeli biomedical company that develops personalized botanical solutions for preventive medicine and integrative oncology medicine. The solutions are based on research and development and in-depth surveys performed over the past four years and are currently at the commercial stage for select target markets, including England, Poland and California.

In the last three years, as part of the integrative oncology concept, Cannabotech has been developing OncoRix, which includes a series of 8 formulations designed to assist in the oncological treatment and are based on unique combinations of botanical extracts from the Cannabis plant and functional mushrooms. The company aims to designate these medical products for integration into the existing treatment protocols for oncology patients.

Cannabotech's shares are traded on Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the symbol CNTC

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