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December 2 event featuring Arlene Dickinson and annual Stand Ahead® Challenge

TORONTO, Dec. 2, 2023 /CNW/ - Today marks the fifth annual Women's Brain Health Day in Canada, serving as a powerful reminder that several brain health disorders, including Alzheimer's disease, depression, and anxiety occur more frequently in women than in men. 

Officially recognized by the Government of Canada in 2019, Women's Brain Health Day was established by Women's Brain Health Initiative (WBHI) to raise awareness about brain-aging diseases and to raise funds for more research that better meets the unique needs of women.

"With women's cognitive well-being a priority, Women's Brain Health Initiative is on a relentless mission to empower women through education, knowledge and tools that not only protect but enhance their brain health," said WBHI President and CEO Lynn Posluns. "Discovering that almost 70 percent of Alzheimer's patients are women was a chilling revelation, especially when research in brain-aging diseases predominantly favours men. This is a glaring inequity, and we are committed to taking meaningful action to address this reality, including fundraising during Women's Brain Health Day."

Research confirms that a substantial percentage of Alzheimer's cases, up to 40 percent, could be prevented if we actively avoid the lifestyle factors contributing to Alzheimer's risk and make more of those choices that safeguard our brain health to maintain our cognitive vitality longer. 

"Events like Women's Brain Health Day move science into action," said Women's Brain Health & Aging Research Chair Dr. Gillian Einstein. "The money raised on this day has allowed for huge strides in sex-and-gender-based research. And research into brain-aging diseases that affect women is exactly what we need."

While the exact causes of Alzheimer's remain elusive, we do know, based on mounting scientific evidence, that embracing a healthy lifestyle can significantly diminish the associated risks. 

Along with the BrainFit-Habit Tracker app, launched in 2022, WBHI provides women, men, and caretakers with rigorously researched, scientifically validated information through its Mind Over Matter® magazine, their website, the Brainable student program, the Memory Morsels nutrition initiative, and events like Women's Brain Health Day. WBHI's initiatives give people the resources they need to help build a proactive shield against the looming threats of brain-aging diseases.

"It is critical to support research that examines health differences between men, women, and gender-diverse individuals. Time and time again, studies have shown that significant differences do, in fact, exist between males and females in many areas of health care," said President and CEO of Brain Canada Dr. Viviane Poupon. "We are very proud to partner with Women's Brain Health Initiative to support research that is filling this gap." 

Thanks to Presenting Sponsor Bank of Montreal, this year's Women's Brain Health Day event is packed with important information about keeping your brain healthy, funding research that better meets women's unique needs, and will feature an in-person conversation with entrepreneur, author, and brain health advocate Arlene Dickinson.

"Women's Brain Health Day serves as a crucial annual reminder of the need to empower women's health through education and support," said Arlene Dickinson. "I am honoured to be part of this event, shedding light on the urgent need for research that addresses the unique challenges faced by women. We need to unite in the pursuit of a healthier, more equitable future for all."

In addition, on every Women's Brain Health Day, WBHI calls for the public to submit ideas and then vote for a viral Stand Ahead® Challenge to stand up against research bias, stand ahead for women's brain health and raise funds for more research that more effectively caters to the distinct requirements of women. This year's challenge is the Thumbs Up Challenge. The challenge has you put your left thumb up and point to it with your right index finger, then switch, 10 times. This challenge promotes brain connectivity, cognitive flexibility, and hand-eye coordination and can be fun to engage your brain regularly.

In honour of this day, landmarks across Canada, including the CN Tower, Niagara Falls, the Calgary Tower, and more, will be lit purple. 

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SOURCE Women's Brain Health Initiative (WBHI)

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