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Kerico Health Care Expands Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services to Arkansas Following 300% Year-Over-Year Growth in Texas

Kerico Health Care Expands Vital Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Services to Seniors in Arkansas Following Remarkable Success in Texas

HOUSTON, Dec. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Kerico Health Care, a Houston-based provider of door-through-door Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT), is pleased to announce that its ride services have become available to seniors in Arkansas. The expansion comes on the heels of a staggering 300% year-over-year growth in Texas, where the startup has partnered directly with specialty clinics, hospitals, and primary care providers since 2018 to reduce no-show appointments by up to 40%.

The Arkansas launch builds upon Kerico Health Care's two-fold mission: to provide reliable medical appointment transportation to America's aging population and reduce the 50% no-show appointment rate across all medical appointments. $1 spent on NEMT saves $11 on emergency care, making Kerico's NEMT services a crucial component of supporting senior health and improving healthcare providers' bottom lines.

Entrepreneur Michael Morris was inspired to form Kerico Health Care while struggling to keep up with his mother's cancer treatment appointments. With 25% of seniors no longer driving and 50% of seniors struggling to secure trustworthy transportation on any given day, Morris realized that caretakers like himself, healthcare clinics, and patients all stand to benefit from high-quality NEMT services.

"We spend much of our effort on improving the driver-patient relationship. The patient's health care journey starts with the ride, not at the appointment, and it is common for a patient to spend more time with their NEMT driver than their doctor," said Morris. "This is one of the reasons why Kerico is successful. Health care providers are realizing the impact the ride can have on a patient's preventative care appointment and patient experience."

This quality over quantity philosophy earned the Kerico team the lowest complaint rate and highest compliment rate for NEMT across 150 Wellmed locations in Texas. For PADS specialists in particular, Kerico's senior service has reduced the no-show appointment rate by 40%.

As Kerico Health Care rolls out its Arkansas operation, it will aim to replicate this success and become the gold standard of NEMT in Arkansas with its tried and true business model:

  • First, the Kerico team will contract with specialty clinics, hospitals, and primary care providers, who are ultimately the Kerico customers.
  • Next, these clinics will tell the Kerico team where to pick up the patient, who the patient is, where they need to go, and when they need to be there. Each vehicle is equipped with the latest tracking technology to provide real-time updates on ride status.
  • Finally, the Kerico team will focus on providing an excellent ride experience with patient, compassionate drivers who understand the patients' sensitivities.

Kerico's Arkansas NEMT services are available in sedans, wheelchair vans, or ambulatory vehicles, depending on the patient and appointment. Unlike taxis and ride-share services, each trip is a door-through-door service where the Kerico driver will be available to walk patients from their homes to the clinic's reception area.

"Transportation is often overlooked when it comes to patient care," continued Morris. "Although it doesn't seem as powerful as a new drug or breakthrough technology, reliable access to safe transportation is the foundation of an effective healthcare journey. When patients arrive on time for their appointments and feel taken care of every step of the way, everything from the quality of their care to providers' bottom lines improves."

NEMT through Kerico Health Care is now available to seniors in Arkansas. For more information on contracting with Kerico and NEMT services for seniors, please visit or click here to contact the team directly.

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