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Brenig Therapeutics Unveils Superior Safety Profile of LRRK2 Inhibitor BT-0267 with Exceptional CSF/Plasma Ratio at Future of Parkinson's Disease Conference

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Brenig Therapeutics, a portfolio company of Torrey Pines Investments, OrbiMed Advisors, and BioGeneration Ventures, announces new data on its LRRK2 inhibitor drug candidate, BT-0267. The results were unveiled at the prestigious Future of Parkinson's Disease Conference.

LRRK2, recognized as a crucial drug target in Parkinson's disease, plays a major role in the pathogenesis of the condition. Inhibiting LRRK2 activity has emerged as a promising disease-modifying therapeutic strategy, and several drug candidates have achieved clinical status.

The BT-0267 candidate has an efficient blood-brain barrier penetration while minimized peripheral exposure as well as has a superior overall safety profile. The presented data highlighted the in vivo efficacy of BT-0267 in brain and no visible lung and kidney morphological changes compared to other LRRK2 inhibitor candidates. Additionally, BT-0267 has an outstanding cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)/unbound plasma ratio in non-human primates, exhibits a remarkable 1000x selectivity against other kinases, and >500x selectivity against other targets from the safety panel, providing indicators of its best-in-class safety profile.

Dr. Alexei Pushechnikov, Head of Chemistry and CTO at Brenig Therapeutics, remarked, "Achieving an outstanding CSF/plasma ratio for BT-0267 is in line with our rational design strategy to reduce potential lung and kidney toxicity effects in our LRRK2 inhibition program."

About Brenig Therapeutics

Brenig Therapeutics, a portfolio company of OrbiMed Advisors, Torrey Pines Investments, and BioGeneration Ventures, focuses on developing innovative therapies for neurodegenerative diseases. The company's pipeline includes BT-0267, a best-in-class LRRK2 inhibitor with a superior safety profile, currently advancing towards clinical development for Parkinson's disease.

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Dr. Vasily Kazey
Head Pharmacology, Brenig Therapeutics Inc
Torrey Pines Investments

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