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eddii, a gamified diabetes app, is now available in sixteen states across the United States

eddii gamifies real-time glucose data from Dexcom CGMs, making diabetes management a whole lot more fun

NEW YORK, Dec. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- eddii, a new diabetes management interface that gamifies real-time glucose data, is pleased to announce its launch in the states of Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri. By launching in these additional states, eddii plans to increase access to diabetes care for families living in rural areas of the country.

Residents can now install the eddii app on their smartphones, available on both the App Store for iOS users, and Google Play for Android. eddii is focusing on supporting children living with diabetes and their families, with plans to expand into the adult market very soon. Earlier this year, eddii also launched in the states of Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Kansas, with more state releases on the horizon.

"We strive to serve families in all parts of the United States who would like easier access to diabetes care. We will soon be launching our virtual care platform in states where eddii is live. That means, on the same fun, gamified app that streams their child's real-time glucose data from their Dexcom CGM, parents will soon be able to schedule an appointment with a licensed pediatric endocrinologist at the tap of a button," said Farhaneh Ahmadi, PhD, eddii's CEO.

Achieving optimal glucose for children with diabetes requires round-the-clock management. There are hundreds of decisions to make every day; monitoring blood glucose changes and considering all the factors besides food and insulin that affect blood glucose. This is in addition to making decisions on how to interpret nutrition labels, what monitor to use, how to wear it correctly and deal with any chafing or discomfort, how to prepare for a school field trip or a sleepover, and on and on. Every day it's something different, and every single day it must be managed.

eddii is a virtual in-app character designed to engage people living with type-1 diabetes (T1D) and wearing a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to track their health. Using games, educational character-led activities, and AI-enabled conversation (coming soon!), eddii becomes a smart, virtual health buddy, giving users real-time feedback, support, and in-app rewards in return for healthy behavior.

Earlier this year, eddii entered a real-time API partnership with Dexcom, which allowed the app to integrate with the users' real-time Dexcom CGM readings, delivering updates on blood glucose levels. For those outside of eddii's 16 active states, you can join the eddii app's early access program here.

With eddii, children and their families take managing diabetes to the next level, motivating them to stick to healthy routines, without those routines feeling like a constant chore. Users can play fun games, request support, and receive daily rewards on the same interface that displays their real-time CGM data. Over time, eddii becomes the user's personal health buddy, cheering them on, challenging them, and celebrating their achievements.

"We will soon be launching further motivational games and rewards for children, such as real-life gift cards, in addition to glucose-alert phone calls and a comprehensive virtual care platform for parents. That way, parents can have a reliable interface ready at the beep of a BG alert, for more comprehensive diabetes management."

eddii conducted a clinical trial where 92 children with T1D and their families were enrolled in a randomized controlled trial (RCT) using Dexcom CGMs. Outcomes from the trial showed a statistically significant 5% improvement in Time In Range (TIR), roughly translating into 1.5 additional hours every day of optimal glucose levels for children living with T1D.

In addition to launching in two states and partnering with Dexcom, eddii recently closed a $2.5M seed round led by Kapor Capital, with participation from Atento CapitalMedMountain Ventures (MMV)StartUp Health, and angel investors.

About eddii

eddii is a startup focused on making diabetes management fun. Founded by CEO Farhaneh Ahmadi, PhD., who lives with Type-1 diabetes, its vision is to create a fun, supportive, and educational interface that helps people living with diabetes take care of themselves and feel happier doing so. Learn more about eddii here.

"We strive to serve families in all parts of the United States who would like easier access to diabetes care. We will soon be launching our virtual care platform in states where eddii is live," said Farhaneh Ahmadi, PhD, eddii's CEO

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