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Leal Health Leverages Generative AI to Optimize Cancer Treatment Matching for Patients

Harnessing the Power of Patented Technology to Revolutionize Patient Access to Cancer Treatment

Identifies Untapped Treatment Opportunities for over 160,000 Cancer Patients Using Precise Medical Modeling for Translating Complex Medical Information

NEW YORK, Dec. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Leal Health ("Leal'' or "the Company''), formerly known as Trialjectory, a patient-first, AI-powered treatment platform revolutionizing patient access to cancer care, announced today the addition of generative AI ("GenAI") capabilities to its proprietary treatment platform for cancer patients. With this breakthrough, patented technology, Leal removes barriers between precision medicine and cancer patients searching for a cure, giving patients increased access to the most effective treatment options available (both clinical trials and standard-of-care therapies) for their exact diagnosis, regardless of their existing medical knowledge or understanding.

"Despite GenAI's tremendous potential to positively impact industries, including healthcare, significant challenges, specifically its ability to understand unique patient journeys and consistent errors and hallucinations, continue to restrict medical advancements," said Tzvia Bader, Leal Health Co-Founder and CEO. "Leal has overcome these issues, combining GenAI's Large Language Model (LLM) with the platform's existing natural language processing and machine learning models, to accurately and efficiently analyze and interpret complex patient medical conditions and treatment criteria."

Leal's precise medical modeling patented technology enables patients to upload their medical records directly to Leal's platform to obtain clear, easy-to-understand explanations of their results. This leads to accurate treatment matches tailored to patients' specific medical data, as well as helps patients make the right decisions for their unique treatment journeys, based on the information they learn and receive. Additionally, Leal's GenAI integration enhances the platform's ability to predict a patient's future treatment pathway, based on comparing their medical state to similar patients' past / current conditions and future treatment options, allowing pharma the ability to identify and educate potential patients in advance.

"Leal is leveraging the power of GenAI to revolutionize cancer patients' access to precise treatment across the globe. With this important addition to the platform, Leal is optimizing the treatment matching process for patients, ensuring that patient preferences are incorporated, and biases are overcome," added Bader. "In addition to enhancing the patient experience, biopharma companies can also leverage the Leal platform to help remove barriers and biases to their treatment and ensure they are accessible to the cancer patients who need them most."

About Leal Health

Leal Health, formerly known as Trialjectory, is a patient-first, AI-powered treatment platform revolutionizing patient access to cancer care. Working directly with patients, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies, Leal democratizes access to advanced cancer treatment and empowers the pharmaceutical and biotech industry to execute patient-centric clinical trials and increase access to standard of care therapies. The Company has been recognized by TIME as one of "The 100 Best Inventions of 2020" and named an honoree in the AI and data category for Fast Company's "2021 World-Changing Ideas Awards." For more information, please visit, and follow the Company on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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