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OOVA Launches Perimenopause Hormone Kit, First-of-its-Kind Estrogen Biomarker and App with Real-Time Data Tracking

The women's health platform is the only remote hormone monitoring company trusted and used by physicians

NEW YORK, Dec. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Oova, Inc., the leading women's health platform revolutionizing remote hormone monitoring, announced today the launch of its at-home Perimenopause Hormone Kit. The kit is complete with urine-based, multi-hormone biomarkers including estrogen (E3G) and an app with real-time data tracking. Unlike other options on the market, which rely on blood or FSH-only urine tests that only capture a moment in time, Oova users are able to measure their actual hormone fluctuations across a 15-day period throughout a single cycle and their progress month-over-month. This gives women and their physicians insights into their perimenopause journey.

The test strips are scanned into Oova's HIPPA-compliant app which utilizes advanced AI and machine learning to interpret the scan into quantitative results, which can be understood by patients and clinicians alike. By interpreting the quantitative levels over time, Oova's predictive algorithms begin to learn the nuances of every woman's unique hormone profile to help her achieve her health goal. Insights include measuring perimenopausal hormone activity, tracking unique physical symptoms, indicating fertility and confirming ovulation for those trying to conceive during perimenopause. It also enables monitoring of hormone patterns for those beginning Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Patients can also share their data with clinicians in real-time, from the comfort of home.

"There are significant gaps in hormone health research, especially as it relates to perimenopause," said Amy Divaraniya, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of OOVA. "We know doctors and patients alike are missing methods to pinpoint where someone is in their journey and identify how symptoms correspond to hormone changes, which often leaves women navigating this life phase in the dark. With the Perimenopause Hormone Kit, women can better understand their bodies, while tracking data that empowers them to make informed decisions with their physicians."

"Oova's test serves as a significant leap forward in healthcare," said Dr. Beck Hoehn, LAc, FABORM, Mighty River Wellness, Advisor to Oova. "In this stage of women's health that has traditionally been passed over, Oova's perimenopause kit equips both the patient and clinician with real-time, accurate insight needed to navigate the complexities with confidence and clarity. It's a game-changer."

Oova stands out as the only remote hormone monitoring company working directly with clinicians, and conducting medical studies to support its claims. Founded by Amy Divaraniya, Ph.D., an expert in biomedical sciences with a focus on genetics, the company began with ovulation tracking for fertility. With a recent $10.3M fundraise, Oova is continuing to expand its scope to support women through every stage, age and life phase, from their first period to their last and beyond.

The launch of the E3G biomarker expands upon Oova's current physician-preferred fertility monitoring offering of luteinizing hormone (LH) and progesterone (PdG) biomarkers to complete the Perimenopause Hormone Kit. The Perimenopause Hormone Kit ($159.99), retailing online and in store at Village Pharmacy, includes 15 E3G tests and 15 LH/PdG hormone tests , designed to be used over the course of a month for a detailed and comprehensive picture of hormone behavior. Also available is The Oova Perimenopause Membership Kit ($129.99/month) for an ongoing test strip subscription with full-circle support from Oova's hormone specialists and access to the Oova community.

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About Oova, Inc.

Oova, the women's health platform revolutionizing remote hormone monitoring, fully illuminates women's fertility and perimenopause journeys, giving them and their care team the clearest steps forward. Founded by doctors and backed by Mount Sinai Hospital, Oova has created a consumer-first, data-driven experience valuable to patients and healthcare providers. Oova's at-home kits measure luteinizing hormone, progesterone, and estrogen for fertility, to immediately inform a woman of her most fertile days and confirm ovulation, and for perimenopause to provide clarity on symptoms and changes. By delivering advanced personalized analytics and real-time action plans with every hormone reading, Oova is transforming the fertility and perimenopause care experience. Learn more at

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